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Fertility & Menopause

A Fertility Specialist with All The Modern Treatments

When a couple has been trying to conceive for over six months, but hasn't yet succeeded, it is time to perform a fertility test. Our doctor will begin with an initial evaluation that includes an examination, blood tests, and possibly an ultrasound to rule out polycystic ovaries. If need be, we can also refer our patients to a radiology group for X-rays to check for potential problems like closed fallopian tubes.

We can also provide the resources needed for her male partner to get his own examination done. Once diagnosis is complete, we can provide a variety of treatments to help with potential infertility. These include the manipulation of menstrual cycles to help produce eggs, among other solutions. We are pleased to be able to treat 90% of infertility problems. The other 10% typically involves further specialized care with a specialist. In the event that this is needed, we will be happy to refer you.

Menopause Treatment

Our menopause doctor is here to help treat a spectrum of conditions that last from approximately ages 38 to 58. Menopause changes your cycle, affects your personality, tweaks your sex drive, and offers a handful of other aggravating symptoms like insomniac tendencies and weight gain. Many women struggle with the embarrassment of hot flashes and thinning hair, but we at Benjamin Graber MD, FACOG VIP Gynecologic Services build a "menopausal wellness" program designed to help our patients through these troublesome years.

When menopausal symptoms first begin, early intervention can help delay and correct many of the problems they might otherwise present. Once a woman reaches the correct age range, she should visit us to begin considering such early intervention. Once you begin working with us, we individualize your treatment so that you receive the lowest possible, yet still effective, dosage.

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