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Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding Disorders Treated By Our Women's Physician

The female system can develop a variety of disorders that could cause abnormal bleeding. At Benjamin Graber MD, FACOG VIP Gynecologic Services our OB doctor screens for all of these potential problems, depending on the age of the patient. Bleeding can sometimes be caused by polyps or infections, but it can just as easily be a thickening of lining wall or even cancer.

Because of the wide variety of potential causes, we treat these symptoms seriously. Diagnosis typically begins with an ultrasound, so you have less of likelihood to need a radiologist. This is combined with a pelvic exam for an even more accurate diagnosis, and finally a biopsy may be required to rule out still other potential disorders.

We do all we can to identify, diagnose, and treat everything in house. This saves our patients time and money. In addition, we can begin treatment sooner and see results faster.

Dr. Graber with Patient